Acting lessons - Private coaching

Since 1999 I offer actresses and actors – professionals and beginners – private lessons with main focus on:

  • Coaching for booked roles
  • Preparation for auditions
  • Acting lessons
  • Development and creation of demo tape scenes

You can book privates one-to-one or with a partner. In addition I offer Weekend-Workshops sporadically.

For further information please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Welt am Sonntag July 20, 2003



Dear Silvia, I enjoy my inner range since your workshop took part. I feel as free as if my knot has burst, inside and outside. Thank you so much for your work.

Dear Silvia, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this weekend! I didn´t have any clue about this technique! Incredible what I have experienced and learned! Also the way you teach is unique, Silvia! Thank you very much, Silvia.

This Weekend-Workshop was amazing! You gave me a vivid understanding of the Meissner technique, that creates a desire for more. Above all I´ve learned infinitely much about me: how real and how truthful I am. I´ve learned to listen better - not only to my partner, but also to myself. I´ve learned to appreciate, to listen carefully, to permit my feelings, to be truthful. I´ve learned how to act with my heart and not with my head. Thank you so much! You´ve taught me that amazingly. You thrilled me and you are a genius teacher. You live what you teach!

It was a wonderful and unique experience. I learned to feel and know myself much better, and therefore also my partner. You opened a door!

I changed from a private acting school to Silvia de Leonardis, Coach for acting in Munich and I have not regretted this decision for one second. During this time, my life has changed a lot in a positive way, both as a private person and as an actress to be. I am getting to understand more and more what acting really means and I am discovering the pure joy and fun of it. Regarding the lessons with Silvia, I can only compare it with the German song by Xavier Naidoo, the route may be rocky and difficult but together with Silvia de Leonardis and her empathy as a human being and as a teacher, I’m sure I will succeed! Thank you for being what you are Silvia!

Working with Silvia is indescribable. Due to her whole experience in the film industry, she has necessary tips and tricks to improve every moment and perfect it. Because of her loving and charming nature, Silvia is not only an indescribable coach, but also a person that you immediately take into your heart. I can only say “Thank You” for the past hours that I could experience so far with Silvia and I’m already looking forward to all the others that are yet to come.

Dear Silvia, for "Edgar Wallace" the best coach of the world. Yours, Bobby (Edgar Wallace was the nickname Bobby used for Silvia de Leonardis)
Bobby Brederlow