About me

Silvia grew up in Munich, Germany as the daughter of a South-Italian father and a German-Russian mother.

After her education, she began successfully playing theatre in Germany and Switzerland. In 1999 she got her first role in the TV series "Der Clown". Soon after that, she produced and directed her first theatre play “Gretchen 89ff.” by Lutz Huebner in Munich, which was sold out every night.

Followed by appearances in Tatort, Grossglocknerliebe, SOKO 5113, Die Rosenheim-Cops, Die Manns, Pater Castell, Kuestenwache, Unter uns, Marienhof and more. Silvia also became quite successful and popular as a Film-Coach on set.

In 2017 she got the O-1 Visa for the United States and landed her first role in „Fight or Die“ that same year.

With this experience she started producing and directing her first shortfilm “Kaufkrank” in 2015 and “On the line” in 2018 (www.on-the-line-movie.com), for which she received many awards worldwide, e.g. Actress Outstanding Achievement Award, multiple Best Actress, Best Educational Film, Best Shortfilm, Best Drama, Best Director Female and so on.

Silvia loves telling deep stories from the edge of society to comfort people who are in similar situations and to hold gently a mirror up to the audience for self reflection. Her favorite roles are strong women leading characters who are fighting for love and/or justice.

Silvia de Leonardis lives in Munich, is married and has a daughter.