Film- and TV-Coach on Set

In contrast to the acting lessons, my work as a film and television coach prepares an actress or an actor in a short amount of time for their role, so that a high acting level and a smooth operation is guaranteed on the set.

This work includes:

  • reading the script and role analysis
  • usually talks with director and/or production
  • coaching the actress or the actor in advance
  • and – if necessary – also the presence on the set, in order to relieve the director of retrieving a consistent high level, or to solve problems.

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Rat Pack Filmproduction GmbH July 06, 2006

ProSieben April 10, 2006 - page 1

ProSieben April 10, 2006 - page 2

Welt am Sonntag July 20, 2003

Vivian Naefe January 29, 2001



2006 Janin Reinhardt       Lotta in love     Director: P. Zimmermann, W. Frank, S. Franke u.w.

2004 Bobby Brederlow     St. Angela, Folgen 249, 250, 259     Director: Sebastian Monk, Jörg Mielich

2004 Bobby Brederlow     Alphateam "Schlimmer Verdacht"     Director: Micaela Zschieschow

2003 Bobby Brederlow     In aller Freundschaft "Fest mit Hindernissen"     Director: Jürgen Brauer

2002 Bobby Brederlow     Behindert - Sicher - Mobil     Director: Ingo Schulten

2001 Bobby Brederlow     Fieber 13 "The last song"     Director: Ines Anna Krämer

2001 Bobby Brederlow     Powderpark 23 "Champ"     Director: Michael Riebl

2001 Bobby Brederlow     Tatort "Schrott und Totschlag"     Director: Jürgen Bretzinger

2000 Bobby Brederlow     Ich will ich sein

2000 Bobby Brederlow     Bobby     Director: Vivian Naefe



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